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04 04 2015

While my two boys were busy replacing my son’s guitar tubes with best el84 tubes, they found online, I made them a healthy snack. It’s my son’s summer vacation and he’s been just eating and sleeping for the past two weeks. I don’t want him to get too big, so we’ve made a deal that we will only be eating healthy food for the rest of his summer vacation.

Turkey wrap

Whole-wheat wrap made with mustard, sliced deli turkey, lettuce and tomato. You can swap in grilled chicken or fish, if desired.

03 27 2015

Today’s review is about Pure Whet Protein Isolate.

whey protein 1

whey protein 2

Product Description

NEW 100% Non-Protein Spiking Pure Whey Protein Isolate Instanized (25/27.7g) Clean Label: NO PROTEIN COMPLEX: Non Denaturated: Non Ion Exchanged: Naturally Flavored: 5.6 BCCAs & 4.8 Glutamines (Highest In class): Lactose Free: Gluten Free: Non-GMO: Kosher Certified: 0 g Fat: Cholesterol & Carbohydrate < 1% DV.

-100% BIO PURE WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE – Summit Nutritions whey protein is isolated from Whey Protein concentrate by using patented ultra-microfiltration process which preserves Natural Profile of Amino Acid unlike other whey protein isolates that denature the Protein profile by using Ion Exchange method or others. Our PROTEIN is FREE FROM PROTEIN SPIKING OR AMINO ACID SPIKING and it gives you 90% Protein per Scoop (25/27.7g)

- HIGHEST BIOPURITY PROFILE – Summit Nutrition’s Whey Protein Isolate gives 90% of protein per scoop (25/27.7g) and maximum amount (5.6 GM) of BCCAs and (4.8 GM) of Glutamines per serving size and it’s ALL COMING FROM THE PROTEIN NOT EXTERNALLY ADDED. Also our protein has all 26 Full Spectrum Amino Acid Profiles including essential, semi essential and non-essential Amino Acids with 159 Biological Value and Perfect 1.0 PDCAAs Score.

- ZERO FAT, VERY LOW CARB AND CHOLESTEROL – Summit Nutritions Whey Protein isolate has zero fat and very less, in fact less than 1% Daily Value of Cholesterol and Carbohydrate which is much better than other proteins. In addition to this, there is ZERO FILLERS OR EXCEPIENTS.
– NON-GMO, LACTOSE FREE, SOY FREE & NATURALLY FLAVORED INSTANIZED – Summit Nutritions Whey Protein Isolate is free of Lactose, Soy Gluten, BSE/TSE, NON-GMO and naturally flavored with Stevia. The protein is gently spray dried and lecithinated into granular free flowing powder which readily dispersible in water.

- WHAT IS PROTEIN OR AMINO ACID SPIKING??? – Many National Brands has added extra cheap Amino Acids like Taurine, Glycine, Glutamines and Creatine to the protein powders even though they are not Food Based Protein, but added to be calculated as protein to lower the cost since they are much cheaper to manufacture. There are class action lawsuits cases against those companies (Mostly National Brands). We don’t MAKE PROTEIN COMPLEX Whey Protein Isolate with Whey concentrate to bring costs down. So look at your Protein supplement fact and find out what is with Protein and make your choice.

My Thoughts

I have tried different whey protein shakes in the past and I usually ended up wasting my money because I will just try it a few times, then stops. I like that this one blended up pretty easily and it actually tasted good. The label says this isolate powder is not spiked, this is probably the reason why this is better than the others.

I drink it after working out and it is very refreshing as a shake. This would also work as a meal replacement, especially for suppers where I tend to eat more.

whey protein 4

whey protein 5

whey protein 6

Overall, I like this whey protein drink. It blends up easily and leaves no clumps. I like the little sweetness and I love that it has no extenders. If you are looking for a nutritious and delicious protein drink, this is a good product to try.

Where to buy?

The Whey Protein Isolate is available through the Summit Nutritions website and on Amazon.

Disclosure: Products mentioned above were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. Regardless, I only recommend products I have used and believe will be good for my readers.

03 17 2015

If you wear eyeglasses, then you are well aware of just how pricey they are. Even if you have vision insurance, the hefty price tags on decent eyeglasses can be enough to take your breath away. Because they are so expensive to buy, it is important that you do everything you can to prolong the life of your glasses. Here are some maintenance tips you can use to  take care of your glasses and prolong their lifespan as much as possible.

Use Two Hands to Take Them Off

This may seem super obvious and your first instinct may be to scoff at this suggestion, but using two hands to take off your glasses can greatly prolong their lifespan. But almost nobody does this. If you use just one hand to remove your glasses, it tends to twist the frames. This puts undue stress on the hinges and screws of the frames. This can misalign and eventually break the frames over time. Always remove your glasses with two hands. Gently remove them in a smooth and straight manner.

Use the Right Cleaning Method

Far too many folks clean their eyeglasses by simply spraying them with glass cleaner and wiping them down with paper towels. You need to avoid this method at all costs. Any cleaner that has ammonia in it can damage the sensitive coating of your glasses. Paper towels can scratch the lenses.

Instead, you should use gentle cleansers. You can use specially formulated lens cleaner, but it can be a bit pricy. To save money, you can use a solution of dish soap diluted in water. You can rub this solution on your lenses with your bare hands, and then you should dry the lenses with a microfiber cloth to prevent scratching them.

Avoid Leaving Them in Your Car

You should never leave anything that has plastic components inside a hot car, and this includes your glasses. The temperatures in a car parked in the sunshine can quickly climb high enough to melt the plastic. This can deform your frames and ruin their structural integrity. This is especially important if you’re using a taxi or executive car service. Not only are you likely to never find your glasses again if you forget them in a taxi on the way to the airport but chances are they will be warped as well.

Do Not Wear Your Glasses on Your Head

Lots of people take their glasses off and rest them on their heads. Although this is a stylish look, it is not good for your glasses. Resting them on your head like this is a good way to stretch out the earpieces. Also, the oils in your hair can be bad for the coating on your lenses. At the very least, it will smudge them up.

Always Use a Case

Instead of setting your glasses down on a desk or resting them on your head, you should always place them in a case when they are not in use. Make sure to use a hard case that will keep your glasses safe from falls. A case that is airtight and waterproof will offer your glasses maximum protection. Never put your glasses, face down on any surface for any reason.

Don’t Let Other People Try Them On

Think of your glasses like your underwear. Sharing them is just not a good idea. Your glasses have been specifically fitted to your head. Letting someone else wear them even for a few moments can stretch them out and damage them.

Get Periodic Adjustments

Even when you are very careful with your online glasses, they can become misaligned over time. Therefore, you need should come in to have an optician adjust your lenses every three or four months. This periodic maintenance will ensure that your lenses continue to fit your face properly, and this will repent them from being stretched out and damaged through an improper fit on your face.

If you follow these tips, your glasses will last as long as possible. It may seem like a bit of a hassle to follow all of these steps, but the cost of replacing a pair of glasses is a much greater hassle. Taking the time to properly care for your glasses will keep them in great shape for years to come.

03 04 2015

Some women feel more confident when they have larger breasts. For those who were not blessed with fuller breasts, there are several ways to achieve bigger breast. They can either take oral medications or go for reconstructive surgery to have beautiful and perfect bosoms.

If you are one of these women and you are thinking of the second option, let me tell you a little more about breast implant. There are two different types of breast implant or breast augmentation; saline implant or silicone implant.

Saline means salt water. That means the silicone shells that are implanted are filled with sterile saline solution. Plastic gel silicone, on the other hand, is placed inside the silicone shells for the silicone implant procedure. There are claims that silicone implant feels more natural than saline implant. Well, I am not an expert and I have not tried any of the two procedures, but in my opinion, the saline procedure is safer because salt water is used to fill the shells. I, too, was not blessed with fuller breasts and this will be my choice if I am still young and I had the money.

Nowadays, these procedures don’t cost as much. Prices range from $5000 to $10,000. It is also an outpatient procedure, although you have the option to stay overnight in the hospital. You may want to check the cosmetic procedure, and the prices, as well as the packages available with the marketing agency of Utah’s most popular beauty clinic. The procedure is not usually covered by insurance, so you need to save up for this if you’re up to it.

03 02 2015

I was recently invited to review the Hot Yoga Towel by Avasa. I am not into yoga, but I work out four times a week and I sweat a lot, so I figured this towel would work for me.

avasa 3

Product Description

- KICK OFF 2015 for an Amazing Start!
– Designed with the Yogi in mind: To Increase Traction and Reduce Slipping.
– The material is made of the 100% microfiber, making it ideal for Maximum Sweat Absorption and Quick Drying. High quality stitching and material tested for long lasting Durability.
– Machine Washable and Dryer Safe. 24″ x 72″ Dimension to fit the standard Yoga size mat. Perfect for Bikram, Vinyasa Yoga, and Pilates. Its light-weight and compact form factor makes it great for using it by the pool, traveling, or hanging by the beach.
– 100% Money Back Guarantee: If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, within 30 days, please return your AVASA towel for a no-questions asked, full refund.

In a 40.6°C / 105°F heated room with multiple bodies executing various Bikram Yoga poses, it’s going to be HOT.

You’ll need a towel that’s designed for maximum sweat absorption. The Avasa Hot Yoga towel is super absorbent, yet it’s also quick drying and light weight. When wet, the towel provides traction and reduces slipping, two benefits that not all other yoga towels have.

Perspiration is normal; you’re flushing toxins from your body, but you’ll need a towel to handle your every sweat gland. The Avasa Hot Yoga Towel is your sweat companion.

Preserve your yoga mat for years to come with the premium and durable AVASA Hot Yoga Towel and hold your pose with more confidence.

avasa 5

My Thoughts

I love the color of the towel! It is soft and smooth to the touch and it is gentle on the skin even if you try to wipe your skin with a little force. It’s comfortable and very absorbent.

Whenever I attend aerobics at the gym, I usually bring my own towel to use for the mat exercise. When I get too sweaty, my hands usually slip because regular towels don’t provide enough traction to keep my hands in place. It never happened with the Hot Yoga Towel. My hands and knees are where I want them and I was able to finish the whole sequence without getting conscious of my sweaty hands.


If you are looking for a very absorbent yoga towel, this is a good one to try. It’s soft and comfortable and big enough to cover a yoga mat. Perfect for yogis!

Where to buy?

The Hot Yoga Towel can be purchased through Amazon. It retails at $25.98.

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own and was in no way influenced by anyone or the brand.