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08 18 2015

Eyeglasses used to be the staid province of the booksmart, the nerdy, and the unfashionable. Now, everything’s changed, and eyeglasses can be fun, trendy, and can add flair to any outfit. Frames used to be crazy expensive and purchased only through your optometrist’s office, but with the onslaught of online competition, frames have become so affordable that you can buy several pairs a year to suit your mood, whether you need a prescription or just want to look good. These days, you can change your frames to match your outfit, or to make a statement. Make the most of fall’s hottest trends with these awesome frames.

Brighten your outfit with colorful, acetate frames. Acetate frames are lighter on your face, and can also be less delicate than other types of frames, perfect for those with a tendency to klutziness. We love these acetate full rim frames, available in blue, pink, or green from Zenni Optical. (Or, at the price listed, you could get all three colors and change them to suit your mood.)

The ombre trend just keeps on expanding, and this fall it’s made its way from dresses to sunglasses. Ombre sunglass shades are the epitome of cool. The great thing about ombre shades is that they look awesome in any style – whether you want to get playful cat’s eye frames, or look suave in aviators, they will add a little glamour and mystery to your look. We’re partial to these AEO Ombre Tinted Aviator sunglasses, plus who could resist these Marc By Marc Jacobs cat’s eye sunglasses at Bloomingdales?


The nerds have been dominating everything lately, from the space race to government, and now they are dominating fashion runways as well. Geek chic – whether it’s thick black frames, tortoiseshell squares, or serious-looking frames – will make you look smart, in more ways than one. For authenticity points, score a few vintage frames from sites like Etsy or eBay. No one needs to know that you don’t really need the glasses.

Cat eye frames are all you need to give your outfit a certain je ne sais quoi. They are playful and fun, and the frames can flatter just about any face shape. Luckily, you can find cat eye frames in various shapes just about anywhere. We adore the wide-ranging vintage collection of cat eye glasses found on eBay.

Aviators are making a comeback, too. (Or did they ever go out of style?) With its distinctive shape, anyone can wear it, and it is surprisingly versatile. We love the trend best on sunglasses. Of course, you could combine aviators with other recent trends, like ombre shades or colorful frames to add even more panache to your look.

Whether you like colorful frames, ombre shades, aviators, geek chic or cat eye frames, there’s a look certain to suit every personality. Glasses are the perfect accessories for accentuating your style and mood. Pick one style, or combine them to get a look that is both on-trend and uniquely yours.

08 11 2015

Running a trucking business can be incredibly fun and economically rewarding. However, making your trucking company the talk of the town so you can steadily increase your conversion rates and undergo continual expansion will take ongoing, substantive work. To ensure that you can enhance and optimize your trucking business in a manner that helps you obtain a bigger bottom line, implement the following tips and tricks:

1. Invest In High Quality Pumps.

If you’re really interested in taking your trucking business to a new level of efficacy and excellence, be sure that you invest in high quality pumps. Getting great hydraulic pumps is important because it ensures that you’ll be able to effectively load and then unload all of your fluids. Once you start searching for the ideal company from which to buy your pump, keep the professionals of Master Pumps & Power in mind. The company has been in operation since 1968 and is known for offering customized, cutting edge products for trucking companies.

2. Update Your Advertising Endeavors.

In addition to investing in high quality pumps, your company should make a point to update your advertising endeavors. This step is important because it ensures that more and more members of your target market will learn about the products and/or services you offer. One of the best ways to update your advertising endeavors is to employ a team of professional digital marketing experts. These individuals can offer you a wide range of services that will help build your brand, including:

• website design and development
• link building
• content creation
• social media optimization (SMO)
• online reputation management (ORM)

3. Focus On Personal Growth.

One final strategy you can incorporate into your trucking company’s strategic plan for expansion is to focus on personal growth. When business owners operate at their highest level of excellence, they work with greater productivity and leave a positive impression on their staff members. With this idea in mind, be sure that you’re regularly employing personal growth strategies such as the continual optimization of your diet. One way to put this important process in motion is to replace unhealthy snacks like potato chips and candy bars with trail mix.


If you’re in charge of a trucking company and want to ensure that the business attains unprecedented levels of expansion and advancement, having a strategic plan in place can be profoundly effective. To ensure that you keep your trucking business growing and growing, be sure that your strategic plan includes investing in high quality pumps, updating your advertising pumps, and focusing on personal growth!

08 07 2015

Even in the field of medicine, things are more complex today than they were years ago. Dealing with a myriad of illnesses, diseases and other health issues that many time mirror the same symptoms, many people are at a loss as to where to go for treatment or proper diagnosis.

The good news is that medicine, surgery, pain management and treating mental challenges are being integrated and combine by many physicians into more holistic healing methods to better serve their patients.

One Center: Many Healing Pathways

Health facilities, such as those under the professional supervision of Dr. Bryan, M.D. in Santa Monica, California, offer those in need of treatment several resources to better orient patients as to the best pathway for healing for physical, mental, weight loss, HIV conditions, musculoskeletal disorders, nutritional deficiencies and pain management needs–all in one health facility.

An Integrative Approach

All treatment protocols offered through these superior one-stop medical centers are combined with the latest integrative medical and holistic methods known to modern science.

Especially where manual medicine is concerned, in-house chiropractic specialists utilize techniques that adhere to traditional holistic methods to recover from musculoskeletal disorders. Some commonly treated musculoskeletal disorders are whip-lash, trauma, injuries, sprains and arthritis among other illnesses. That being said, the success rate is astounding in many cases.

Such protocols offered by our specialists give patients hope so that they can once again experience and enjoy renewed vitality and re-enter a more active lifestyle.

Just What Is Integrative And Holistic Medicine

It is the newest trend in medicine and health restorative services: combining several aspects of medical protocol to better address the many facet needs of patients.

A system of health care that combines a cooperative relationship among all parties involved, physician, patient and even the family at times, optimal levels of physical, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of health are regarded.

Consequently, the whole person comes into play with all stated modalities of diagnosis and treatment–including drugs and surgery if the need arises. Education forms a vital part of the protocol as does affirmative action on the part of the patient with an increased responsibility placed on the patient’s shoulders to cooperate with those attending to their well-being.

A quick visit to the website of said integrative and holistic medical centers is simply achieved with a click here or a phone call placed to the center’s main offices.

Learn more detailed information today on how to address the whole person and the many treatments available to them to speed them on their way to restored health.

07 09 2015

I love using a Vitamin C Serum to lighten my sun spots. I also love that it helps my skin stay hydrated for hours. Today I am reviewing the Vitamin C Serum by Wonderpiel.

wonderpiel 1

wonderpiel 2

Product Description

Vitamin C 20% has been scientifically proven to reduce the effects of sun exposure on the skin, including sunburn, sun spots, redness and wrinkles. Paraben & sulfate-free, making it gentle on the skin. Due to the special formula, this lotion is a professional luxury antioxidant, leaving your skin clear, soothed, and hydrated.

The daily use of serum is effective in reducing the appearance of unwanted pigment on the skin. Drastically decrease dark spots, blemishes and uneven tone.

Vitamin C 20% is the only antioxidant proven to increase collagen synthesis. Facilitates the healing of minor cuts and wounds.

My Thoughts

Like all the other serums that I’ve tried, this one has a slightly yellow color. It has a pleasant smell and has a nice consistency. I love that it comes with a glass dropper because it’s easier to control than pumps. It is easy to apply and is absorbed quickly. The serum is not sticky and it doesn’t leave a shiny look.

I’ve been using this product for three weeks now and I love how it leaves my skin soft and moisturized. I noticed that my enlarged pores have reduced a bit and the dark spots have lightened up. I love that the serum is light and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. If you love using makeup, this will work.

Overall, this product does its job well at keeping the skin soft, tight and plump. If you are looking for a Vitamin C Serum that’s gentle on the skin and helps fight the signs of aging, this serum is worth giving a try.

Where to buy?

You can purchase the Vitamin C Serum by Wonderpiel through Amazon.

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own and was in no way influenced by anyone or the brand.

07 07 2015

You might think that a drug test is only for those who are applying for a new job. While this is a common reason for drug testing kits to be used, there are other areas in life where it’s important to know if someone is using drugs.

Some companies will perform a random drug test on every employee. Names are drawn through the year, and when that name is pulled, the person has to submit to a test. If the person chooses not to be tested, then a valid reason needs to be given. Some who don’t take the test will likely be fired as this could be an indication that they are not being truthful in relation to drug use. If the company suspects someone has been using any kind of drug because of the actions at work or if someone has made statements about the person possibly using drugs, then a test will be given. When you apply for a job, you will likely be given a drug test. If you are under the influence or have drugs in your system, it’s important to be honest with the employer. Honesty often works better than trying to hide something before beginning a new job.

If you are on probation, then one of the requirements might be that you are drug tested on a regular basis. Failing a drug test doesn’t mean that you will go to jail or be violated, but it would not play in your favor if you were to go back to court or if you fail multiple tests in a row. Some states require those who receive government assistance to be tested before receiving benefits. If there is any suspected drug use while the person is receiving benefits, then the state could stop the benefits or make the person ineligible to receive them again.