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03 20 2016

Craving for some sweets? Instead of grabbing a bar of chocolate to satisfy it, try playing Tetris, Bejeweled or any puzzle games for three minutes. We normally visualize the pleasure of indulging when we crave for something, but recent studies show that playing games make it difficult for you to form that image, so the urge fades.


03 20 2016


My niece would surely love a pair of buddy rich drumsticks. I heard from her mom that she’s been asking for new drumsticks. Her high school graduation is coming up and I think this would be the perfect gift. She’s been into drums since eighth grade and she’s pretty good at it. White is also her favorite color, so I am sure she’ll love this.

03 02 2016

As an avid golfer, you probably give your cart a good workout every week. You may drive it all over the green and even around the neighborhood because it is so fun and easy to drive. However, all of your driving could be putting some serious wear and tear on your cart’s undercarriage and engine. You can keep your vehicle moving and in good condition by investing in high-quality parts like golf cart shocks, axles, spindles, and more that you can find for sale online now.

Easy Repairing

Even if you are not the most skilled of mechanics, you can still make the repairs to your cart quite easily. The parts that you can find online today all come with instructions and warranties that almost guarantee that you can install them correctly and enjoy using the parts for years.

You also get the peace of mind that the parts you buy from the website all are made from the highest quality materials and that they will perform as well as any part that you buy in a local parts store. Unlike the local parts store, however, you can find exactly what you need when you shop online. You do not have to worry about the store back ordering parts that you need now to get your cart back in working order.

The website also has parts for sale that fit your budget. When you want to keep as much money in your golfing budget without having to spend all of your fun money on buying parts, you can browse the website and find parts that are priced within the budget that you have to spend on the needed repairs.

Shipping and Payment Information

Once you find a reliable website on which to shop, it makes sense that you may want the site to remember important details like your order history and where you want your packages sent. These details being stored makes it easier for you to come back to the site and shop again in the future.

You can set up an online customer account to store your shipping information, your payment details, and even your order history. You can change your account details at anytime.

Your golf cart is a handy vehicle to have on hand. You can keep it ready to go by purchasing parts for small repairs online.

02 25 2016

Losing weight cannot be tagged as stress or hopeless for there are ways to achieve this without exerting too much effort, however, discipline and determination are required.  Eating healthier foods, doing some routines and changing few simple lifestyles are no heroic effort though gives a big impact in the outcome.

Lessening food intake is not necessary, instead, adding healthy goodies you like for snacks is fine and start adding on more vegetables in meals and more fruits are highly recommended.  

healthy food

Drinking water before meal and usage of small plates and bowls, as well, guarantee smaller meal size.  

lemon water

Also, doing more physical movements like dancing, strolling or house chores are necessary.  

Woman walking cross country and trail

When going to the gym to exercise is to no avail and bores you, why not indulge in sports you love playing?  With this, you cannot feel tiresome while burning fats and calories intake for you are having fun.  Simple walking or chasing your dog, playing frisbee or biking in the park invigorates muscles without noticing it. Yet simple but very effective way is by walking, walking increases cardio resistance, as well.  Try getting out the office building and enjoy walking meetings, getting off bus few stops earlier, park the car at the back of the building, hike the mall and sure to hit all levels or signing up with any walk-for-a-cause programs are some of the effortless actions and certainly helpful.

Successful weight losing improves self-confidence, better health, displays good physical appearance and cultivates patience, determination and discipline to oneself.   

02 25 2016

As more and more people are becoming obese, it is time for the world to admit that conventional weight loss methods aren’t working. As a result, Nassau NY weight loss surgery professionals have seen a boom in business. The number of surgeries is rising quickly, with new, more effective, and safe methods being developed.


Does it Work?

Because so many people now turn to weight loss surgery, we can determine conventional diets don’t work. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that surgery works either. To answer that, we first have to understand more about obesity itself.

How Bad Is it?

According to statistics, some 34.9% of Americans are now obese. Unfortunately, this includes children and teenagers, in which population group rates are rising significantly. There are also millions of people who are overweight and heading towards obesity. Plus, many people are now morbidly obese and super morbidly obese.

What about Health?

When some is classed as obese, their risk of premature death is increased by 50% to 100%. This risk is even higher for the morbidly obese and the super morbidly obese. Usually, it is not the weight that kills them, but rather the co-morbid conditions. This includes heart attacks, strokes and type 2 diabetes. On average, lifespan is reduced by around 20 years just by being obese, although this does vary a bit depending on gender and ethnic background.

Premature Death Research

A huge study looked into nearly a million obese individuals. It showed that men were twice as likely to die young if they were obese. They five times more likely to develop diabetes and four times more likely to have disease of the digestive tract. For women, the same mortality rate existed, but the chance of developing diabetes was increased by 800% and the chance of digestive tract disease was 300% higher. Other studies showed similar or even worse results. The chance of dying from cancer was between 150% and 500% higher.

Other Illnesses

The obese aren’t just at risk of dying young. They are also at greater risk of developing illnesses. The list of medical disorders and illnesses directly associated with obesity is almost endless.

So Does Surgery Work?

Clearly, surgery is needed in order to help people lose weight. The question remains whether or not it works. Luckily, statistics seem to show that surgery is, by and large, highly successful. This means that patients not only lose a significant amount of weight, but are also able to keep it off over the course of at least five years. As medical technology advances, the success rates are also going up. However, what is incredibly important is that those who undergo the surgery are fully aware of the fact that they have to be committed to making lifestyle changes. Without that, they will be incapable of keeping the weight off. While statistics are improving, some surgeries do still fail because people simply return to overeating and not moving. This is why surgeons are now also committed to supporting their patients to change their relationship with food.