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06 05 2014

Relocating? Look for a place with a great community like South Beach. Whether you’re up to enjoying a night life or you simply want to relax and rest in your home, South Beach, California is the place to go. It’s a beautiful city with a really nice weather and awesome people. And don’t forget the stunning beaches. No wonder it’s been known as a super cool city. Call a south beach real estate agent now to inquire about this dazzling place.

04 16 2014


One way to shed off pounds fast is to drink milk. According to studies, women who drank skim milk after exercising lost 3.5 pounds of fat in 12 weeks. Those who sipped sports drinks ended up gaining weight. The credit goes to the proteins in milk that improves the body’s ability to burn calories and build muscle.

04 16 2014


For sure, mom will love the gold cross pendant my husband bought for her birthday. She’ll be 64 next week. I can’t think of a perfect gift because she already has everything. I wanted to give her something religious that she can use. Then last night, hubs came home with the gold cross. He thinks mom would love it, too. Mom’s eyes would well up again once she sees her gift, especially when she finds out that it was hubs who bought it.

04 12 2014

Dr. Oz says there is an ancient secret weapon in the fight against fat, and it’s making a comeback. It’s called safflower. The oil of the safflower owes its slimming power to linoleic acid that eases the workload on the pancreas, the gland that regulates insulin levels to bring elevated blood sugar into balance. That process is a key when it comes to slimming since insulin also functions as a fat-storage hormone. And a yummy way to slim and enjoy safflower oil? Shrimp stir-fry!


Sauté 3 oz. shrimps, 1 cup mixed vegetables, a squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of chopped fresh herbs in 2 Tbs. safflower oil. Serve with brown rice.

04 12 2014

A lot of women love jewelry. No, let me rephrase that, many women (like me) are addicted to jewelry. So addicted that we can’t actually go without them. Well, who can blame us? Those glittery pieces complete us in more ways than one. But, your jewelries don’t have to be expensive to look fabulous. Here, check the Pandora jewelry at this website and you’ll be amazed at their prices.

Jewelries go way beyond fashion. They can make you look slim and even enhance your greatest features by wearing the right shapes. Like big triangles, for example.


Wearing a necklace with oversized triangles can slim your face. The triangles form a V that directs the eye up and down for a face-slimming effect.