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10 06 2015

Owning an ATV or an RTV lets you head off into wild and rough terrain anytime the mood strikes you. As these vehicles can handle everything from dusty dirt roads to the winding trails found on mountains, you’ll find dozens of ways to use your vehicles on your own and with a group of your friends. When you decide to buy a recreational vehicle, you might find that the manufacturer only offers a few options in regards to the engine and color of the vehicle. With after market accessories, you can now customize your ATV or RTV to better fit your needs.

Add a Tow Bar

One of the best ways you can customize an ATV or RTV is with the addition of a tow bar. Even if you think that you’ll never use a tow bar, you might find yourself surprised at how often you use one of these accessories. A tow bar or a tow hitch lets you move a broken down vehicle off the road or the path and get it back to your home. You can even tow a wagon behind you when setting up for a party or taking your kids out for a ride.

Install New Speakers

Turn your RTV into a vehicle that is perfect for parties and longer trips along the trail. A new set of speakers lets you listen to all your favorite tunes on the go. Polaris speakers are suitable for use with many different models from various manufacturers, and the speakers easily work with the console and stereo system you currently have. With the right speakers, you can turn your ATV into the ultimate party vehicle for camping trips and other events.

Turn an ATV into a Snow Plow

Did you know that you can actually make money from a traditional RTV or ATV? All you need is a snow plow attached to the front of that vehicle. This simple plow lets you take down even the largest of snow drifts in minutes. Many of the top designs feature a curved plow that lets you scoop up the snow and transport it to another location. Use the plow on your ATV to clean your own driveway before cleaning your neighbors’ yards and driveways too. Choose the right products and accessories to completely customize your ATV or RTV to meet all your needs.

09 23 2015

Professional wedding photographers and photographer wedding albums are quite expensive and may not include favorite photos from the wedding day. Custom wedding albums made by the bride, groom, friends and family members are an ideal way to remember the joy of the wedding without paying excessive professional photography costs.

The decision to hire a professional wedding photographer is an optional choice. Some couples decide to hire the photographer and assemble their own album. Others decide to ask members of the wedding party, family, or friends take as many photos as possible to include in the custom wedding book.

Wedding Party Photos

Give each amateur photographer a disposable camera because many photos taken with mobile phone cameras are not highly pixelated. After the couple returns from the honeymoon, they have the delightful task of selecting favorite photos to create a unique wedding album.

The Wedding Album

Collect streamers of lace in white to cream shades. Reserve a copy of the wedding invitation. Use acid-free paper for the wedding book selected. Have calligraphy pens with different size nibs and acid-free ink colors and ink on hand.

Mementos from the wedding day, such as the guest list, list of photos or pictures of gifts received, floral arrangements, gift registry, and the journey of “the dress” should be included. Add vows or other special passages of significance. Include a copy of the wedding program, news announcement, lyrics to favorite songs, and cards received on the wedding day as well.

Wedding Photos

If a professional photographer was engaged, select and purchase favorite proofs. Copies of favorite photos and blow-ups are typically more expensive if purchased directly from the photographer. Use the proofs to purchase larger wedding album prints from Black River Imaging to save money without sacrificing professional photo clarity and quality.

Album Design

A large album or specially designed scrapbook can hold multiple items per page. Select acid-free, high quality materials that will stand the test of time. A special album cover is one of the best reasons for the newlyweds to design their own wedding album. If the bride’s dress was shortened or altered, use the removed lace or satin to adorn the cover.

The wedding album should be arranged to suit the couple. There are no rules concerning photo order or memorabilia from the day. The bride and groom should include any and all of their favorite things to share with children and grandchildren in the future.

09 18 2015

You don’t always get the job that you want at first. Sometimes, it takes years to get where you want to be. Throughout the journey, it’s imperative that you treat each job as though it were your last. Getting into the right mindset about working and developing a strong ethic can take you further than most forms of education. It’s all about the work you deliver to every employer you have.

Learn From Every Job

Regardless of the job you get, there is always something to learn that can benefit you later in a career. Even flipping burgers can help you develop a strong work ethic and an eye for efficiency. Don’t think of menial jobs as merely a stepping stone towards the career of your dreams. The path means nothing if you’re not willing to walk it.

Strength of Character

Employers want those that have a strong character and professional ethic. By performing your job now with the right attitude, you work on your own character while demonstrating professionalism. Through regular practice, this will become habitual, which is greatly beneficial for your future attempts to land the job of your dreams.

Realization of Improvement

A lot of people become depressed while feeling as though that cannot move up in any given company. What these people don’t realize is the potential for improvement later on. You don’t have to stay in a dead-end job if you’re unhappy. Thanks to the Internet, there are opportunities all over – especially if you don’t mind traveling to new locations. There should be no reason to feel depressed with your job as long as you remain observant of other opportunities elsewhere.

Praises Can Do Wonders

Praises from previous employers can help solidify future positions. If you made a lasting impression on those you’ve worked for, they will contribute to successfully landing a position of which you’re applying. By approaching every job with the ever-famous “can do” attitude, employers will want to keep you around. Some may even pay more in order to keep you employed or to ensure that you work for them and not someone else.

Continued Education

Learn everything you can about every position you take within every company you work for. This can be greatly beneficial for advancement in the coming years. If you stay within one organization, management will notice your diligence to learn. If you decide to leave, future employers will see you as one that values efficiency. This education can be anything from college courses, which would be incredibly beneficial on your resume, or things you research online on your own.

Don’t Hate Your Job

If you’re currently working a job that you don’t necessarily like, consider it the means to an end. Tackle the task with efficiency and professionalism and keep your options open for a different career. A positive comment from your current employer is far more beneficial than one that says you hated your job and was disinterested.

People such as Bob Bratt got to where they are today by positioning themselves wisely throughout their careers. By exuding professionalism and workmanship, employers were glad to hire them for various tasks. Just because your flipping burgers today doesn’t mean you’ll be doing it for the rest of your life. Be tenacious and try to be the best there is at every job you do.

09 04 2015

Is your aging parent in need of a walker? Or maybe you just want a temporary one after suffering an ailment or injury. The good news is that it’s easier to shop for walkers than you think! You just need these five tips for making a smart purchase decision.

1. Have A Budget

The price of walkers can vary from very affordable to very expensive. Basic, no-frills walkers are the cheapest option, but they’re not always the most durable. High-end walkers tend to be very strong and stable, but if you don’t need them permanently, they may not be worth the investment. Decide carefully how much you can afford to spend on a walker and what features are worth your money.

2. Decide If You Want Wheels

Some people with balance or coordination issues choose to buy walkers without wheels. Others who need increased mobility prefer walkers with two or four wheels. There’s no wrong answer when it comes to the right kind of walker for you; it all depends on why you need one in the first place and what you’re looking for in your assistive equipment.

3. Consider the Grips

The average walker comes with a plastic grip, but if you have arthritis or any other kind of pain issue, you might want a foam-covered grip. You should also consider size as well as material type. Do you need a large grip to help reduce the pressure of constantly squeezing your walker? Or would you prefer something smaller so sweaty hands won’t slip from side to side?

4. Make Sure It Fits

Many walkers come with adjustable settings to ensure that people of all shapes and sizes can use them, but some models have more generous settings than others. If you’re especially tall, short or slim, you might want to physically try out the walker before purchase. If you have special needs, it isn’t a good idea to order something just based on specs.

5. Get a Guarantee

What happens if you aren’t satisfied with your walker? Can you get a refund? Will you have to ship it back and pay for those delivery costs? What if it gets damaged coming to you? These are all important questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop for walkers for the elderly or disabled. Mobility can be yours again! You’ll just need to make a careful, researched decision about assistive equipment.

09 02 2015

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a night on the town, but if you aren’t careful, your indulgence may come back to haunt you in the morning. If you want to drink smarter, not harder, here are just seven tips to keep you safe while you imbibe.

1. Keep Track of Your Drinks

It isn’t that difficult to number of your drinks as you consume them, and it’ll also stop you from accidentally overindulging. Once you hit your predetermined limit, you’ll know it’s time to switch to seltzer.

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated

There are many ways to stay hydrated while you drink. The obvious one is simply drinking water throughout the night, but you can also buy things like VLiNG Hydration Mixers ( that dissolve in your glass and give you electrolytes.

3. Stay Away from Unfamiliar Drinks

Not only will this prevent stranger danger, but it’ll also stop you from having a bad reaction to a drink you’ve never consumed before. You never know how a new cocktail will hit your stomach, and it’s a bad time to find out during a company fundraiser.

4. Eat Protein

Have you ever wondered why so many bars offer peanuts? Protein slows down the absorption of alcohol in the bloodstream. Whether you’re drinking heavily or just sipping a beer during the game, try to ingest some protein while you do.

5. Avoid Mixing Drinks and Drugs

This includes legal prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. Alcohol simply doesn’t mix well with other chemical compounds, so it’s a good idea to completely avoid drugs if you know you’ll be drinking later. Save the aspirin for the morning when you really need it.

6. Don’t Drink and Drive

Everyone grows up hearing it, yet millions of people still do it. Try to arrange your transportation before you start drinking. Appoint a designated driver; make taxi arrangements with the bartender; know what buses are coming by and when.

7. Know When to Say No

Peer pressure is alive and well. It doesn’t matter if you’re 16 or 60; if someone around you is trying to persuade you to drink beyond your limits or preferences, don’t let them influence you into making a decision you’ll regret.

These are just a few tips for drinking in a safer and healthier way. The next time you’re slugging back the spirits, keep these suggestions in mind. Your body will thank you in the morning.