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03 09 2014

The wedding veil is as important as the wedding gown. And to some, it’s what makes a perfect wedding. Why? Because wedding veils are known for making dramatic entrances. They highlight not just the bride’s wedding gown, but the her overall appearance when walking down the aisle. That is why many women choose the longest trains for their wedding veils. But, while a cathedral-length veil draws a lot of attention, you cannot discount the fact that short veils are stunners, too. Below are the different types of veils and how they should be worn. Knowing a little about them will help you decide whether to choose a blusher, an elbow or whether you should go for the traditional long train.

Blusher. This short veil is perfect if you prefer a vintage theme. It is usually 30 inches in length with its end falling near the top of the wedding gown. The veil covers the face of the bride and is only pulled back just before the groom kisses the bride.

Elbow. Brides who prefer a more conservative look choose an elbow-length veil. This veil elegantly falls over the shoulders to the bride’s elbow.

Fingertip. This veil falls all the way to the bride’s hips. Wedding experts say, this is a popular choice because it allows the bride to show off the design on the back of her gown through the sheer fabric.

Floor. This veil goes all the way to the floor; the same length as the bride’s gown. If you’re looking for more volume on your overall look, the floor-length veil is the perfect option.

Chapel. So, you want a long veil, but you don’t want it too long; the
The chapel – length veil is a good option. The chapel veil just extends slightly beyond the bride’s gown and it still creates the illusion of a train, but without the too long fabric that you sometimes have to pull to stay in place.

Cathedral. If you are looking for the most dramatic entrance, of course the cathedral-length veil is the perfect choice.

One important reminder though, when deciding for the length of your veil is to consider your hairstyle. Would you be wearing your hair down or would you rather have your mane pinned up? And if you are going to use hair accessories such as flowers, headband or tiara, it’s best that you bring them during fitting, so both your stylist and couturier can create the perfect look.

02 24 2014


Did you know that slowing down with a fork and water is a key to losing weight? If you don’t know how to do it, here’s what you should do: Eat two forkfuls of your food, making sure you chew the food well. Then put you utensil down and drink some water before starting with your meal again. Some people who have tried it claim they ‘t even finish a meal with the trick.

02 24 2014


If playing the splash cymbal left you tired and with sore muscles, try a self massage. According to experts, it’s the best natural way to fix minor aches. A simple 10-minute rub speeds muscle repair. Follow up by pouring Epsom salts into a hot bath and let the salt’s anti-inflammatory magnesium relax muscles. You’ll love this instant pampering for sure and the next day, you’re ready to play again.

02 01 2014

Wonder how Hollywood celebs get their figure back after giving birth? They adopted fitness trainer Ramona Braganza’s 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone food formula. And if you’re wondering what that is, it’s a plan that calls for eating every two to three hours, filling up on three meals, two snacks and one liter of water a day. All meals and snacks must contain protein and fiber (like salad with salmon or apples with cheese), a combination that steadies blood sugar to eliminate cravings, plus revs metabolism.

halle berry

02 01 2014

It’s easy to learn a new instrument, as long as you’re dedicated. Of course, it takes a lot of time and effort, but like any other skill that you worked hard to learn, it is going to be worth it.

My daughter has been very vocal about learning the drums just like my youngest. I bet she’ll go crazy when she sees the ahead 5a sticks at guitar center. She’s been practicing playing the drums and although she’s not very good at it yet, she’s getting there.