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01 29 2016

If you are struggling to lose weight, you are not alone. Millions of Americans of all ages are carrying excess baggage in the form of too much weight. It’s a problem that is growing to epidemic proportions. We’re not talking a few pounds overweight. More and more people are faced with obesity to the point that they are fifty pounds overweight or more. When you are carrying all of that weight, you don’t feel good about yourself. It pecks away at your confidence. Worse yet, obesity can put you on a road to serious health issues in the future. Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer have all been linked to being significantly overweight. You know you have to do something about it, but you don’t know where to begin.

Nothing Has Worked
You’ve tried the diet fads. You bought the exercise videos. Your weight has been like a yo-yo, going up and down, but always going back up in the end. Supplements and other lifestyle changes that you’ve tried to put into place simply haven’t worked. Your weight has reached the point where it is having a negative impact on your quality of life. You have difficulty breathing and your mobility has become more limited. Doing simple tasks is a chore because your excess weight is holding you down. You need to look for a solution that will help you to take the weight off and keep it off.

It’s Time to Consider Bariatric Surgical Procedures
Weight loss surgery Tampa could be the answer that you need at this point in your journey. Drastic times call for drastic measures. You are taking a step toward saving your life when you take charge of your weight. By choosing a surgical procedure, you are not being a coward. You’re being brave in your efforts to bring your weight down to a healthy level that will allow you to lead a rich, full life. It all begins with meeting with a surgeon who specializes in weight loss procedures. You’ll be able to discuss your alternatives in order to find the solution that will work best for you. Once you move forward, you will learn how to change your entire lifestyle in order to get the results you need. Maintaining them will be the final goal once bariatric surgery has helped you to put your weight loss struggles behind you.

01 24 2016


First and foremost, what is a plateau?  It is a state wherein a little or no difference is taking place despite of continuous activity.   Isn’t it frustrating when a person exerts so much effort in trying to achieve a goal and yet, you can hardly feel the result?  Well, stop worrying!  This is not a major issue to be bothered with.  Let us be reminded of the “reward system”.  

For the fitness conscious, the reward system is a good tool to consider.  During my post-natal, I was 40 pounds over my desired weight.  Going to the gym became a passion for I need to beat the timeline I set in losing the excess.  Initiated with a 20-minute treadmill walking, a number of floor exercises and lessening of carbohydrate intake, a sudden drop of 8 pounds was experienced in 10 days.  Succeeding days, more rigid training and lowering the portion of food intake done, an additional 5 pounds were lost.  So happy with the outcome. I continued doing the same routine for the next 3 weeks, however, my weight remain stagnant.  I started to feel frustrated and skeptic with what I was doing.  I decided to change my routine, a more intense program of exercises, more repetitions, and strictly following a balanced diet.   Reward system now comes into the picture, with a 2-week hardcore training, I get one cheat day wherein I can eat anything I want.  Good reward and fair deal!     

01 07 2016

Punk is a subculture that’s hard to describe. Thankfully, describing punk fashion is a little easier. Here are just six pieces of clothing, jewelry and accessories that will help you brand yourself as ready to rock and roll.

1. Bondage Straps

Bondage straps most commonly attach to your  belt loops and crisscrossed behind your pants, but they can also be worn around the chest, arms and waist. The great thing about punk fashion is that there are no rules. If you can dream it, you can wear it.

2. Boots

Steel-toed combat boots are an essential accessory in a punk rock wardrobe. That said, if you can’t get your hands on something military-grade, any pair of boots will do. Just make sure they’re sturdy and ready for anything.

3. Plaid

Plaid is closely associated with punk culture. In fact, punks have been wearing red plaid for decades! The color wheel has recently expanded, however, and punks now wear plaid in red, black, green, pink and even rainbow. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues and find the one that speaks to the punk within.

4. Rings

Anyone can wear a single ring. Punks, however, have taken ring-wearing and elevated it to an art form, decorating their fingers with multiple sets, bands and stones of varying types, colors and sizes. You aren’t a punk unless you can handle 10+ rings at once, and this applies to women and men.

5. Music Merchandise

While some subsets of punk culture reject music and song, others embrace it wholeheartedly, especially if it’s vintage rock. If you’re hoping to find the perfect gift for the punk in your family, a t-shirt emblazoned with a classic rock singer is a sure bet.

6. Hair Dye

It’s quite common to see punks with hair dyed every color of the rainbow. This is an expression of defiance to conformity and authority; while everyone else in the world has hair in varying shades of brown, blonde and red, punks explode on the scene with hair in electric blue and dazzling purple. Try some dye for yourself and feel how liberating it is to step outside the box!

These are just a few must-have punk rock accessories. Whether you’re new to the lifestyle or an old hand at anarchy, these tips should help you both dress yourself like a punk and recognize others who are doing the same.

12 23 2015

Driving in London for the first time or the first time in a while is intimidating. Whilst London roads only cover 5 percent of the nation’s roadways, they carry 30 percent of the traffic which is a good sign of how many other drivers there are on the roads vying for their spot. Subsequently, London drivers often feel they have to stake their claim on what is their turf and then not give even an inch to other drivers wanting to inch their way forward. Scary stuff!

Here are some useful tips for driving in London.

1. Beware of the one-way systems

Obviously, for foreign visitors to London, knowing that they need to drive on the left-hand side of the road is an important first step. But for everyone else, paying attention to the road signs, especially indicating the road is part of a one-way system, is critically important. Many London boroughs have instigated tricky one-way road systems to direct traffic around and keep traffic moving. Watch out for these.

2. Wearing a seat belt or helmet at all times

Drivers have a number of legal requirements, one of which is to wear a seatbelt when they’ve been fitted inside the vehicle or a helmet for motorcycle riders. As any hospital A&E staff will tell you, not wearing a seatbelt results in considerably more damage to the human body following a car accident.

3. Stay focused

Even if you regularly drive in your home city or town and feel you are an experienced driver, getting around a major capital city is another matter entirely. Drivers in London are in a rush which makes the roads a little scary at times.

Bicyclists may ride past your door mirror when you thought the turn was clear because you only checked the mirror once before executing the turn… Buses can pull out unexpectedly or an overly keen shopper opens their door into oncoming traffic without thinking what they’re doing… Driving in London means focusing on what is going on all around you.

4. Remove the distractions

You’re adept at playing music or listening to talk radio while driving elsewhere in the UK, but in any new city it pays to remove all distractions. The human brain doesn’t multi-task as efficiently as we often believe it can. You can always turn the music and smartphone back on again once the distraction is no longer a problem.

5. Sat Nav or Google Maps

The London streets are confusing and it is easy to get lost. A Garmin sat nav system or a smartphone with the Google Maps app open is a great help when driving from point A to point B. Many people who use either a sat nav or a mapping app will tell you that they don’t know how they managed to get around London streets without it.

6. Find available parking spaces

Finding any available parking spaces in London can be tricky without some help. The parking restrictions are so limiting in many neighborhoods that even if you can find a place to park the car, you cannot stay for more than a couple of hours. Use the web to help you identify where you can park your car legally and cost effectively. There are also parking apps which can help.

We hope you found our London driving tips useful. Just stay alert, know where you are going, and expect the unexpected. You’ll be just fine.

12 12 2015

Industry that is dependent on the use of steam benefits the most from deaerators. Deaerators are actually a system built in to remove bubbles of oxygen and other built-up gases from the feeder tanks. When bubbles and gasses form it can quickly cause corrosion to the pipes, tanks and will destabilize the whole boiler system. This could spell a disaster that leads to injuries or damages and a shut down of the entire operation for an indeterminate amount of time.

The Fight Against Corrosion

Any enclosed system that is dealing with fluids and gases has to be concerned with corrosion of pipes and tanks. A casual look at a few types of industries using large scale boiler systems shows how much piping and tanks are involved. Each seam, connection and valve has to be monitored for corrosion. Deaerators provide a sound way to minimize this problem.

Trays and Sprayers

Heating trays and sprayers are the tools that get the job done. Care and diligence must be given to ensure that they are working properly within the entire system. Replacing defective parts is much preferable to a breakdown of the boiler or unstable pressures.

Overflow Traps

Overflow traps and proper venting are what help keep the pressure stable as the deaerators work. Replacing these periodically ensure a sound system. The cost is minimal and the benefits are huge. Deaerators require consistently heating and cooling the water to remove gases. Overflow traps help when there are times that the temperatures rise and gasses or fluids need to escape.

Manways and Handholes

It is critical to have manways and handholes in areas to access the parts that may need replacement at times. Routine inspections may very well require accessing the system at various points. High quality manways and handholes provide an opportunity for important views into the health of the system.

Contact Deaerator Solutions for more information about quality replacement parts. Their experts have over 100 years of combined design expertise to bring to the table. There are comprehensive solutions for any problems with deaerators available today!