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09 15 2014


Did you know that dancing can perk up your rear view fast? Whether you’re doing the tango, you’re shaking it up or just shimmying to some music, you can make the tush look really good. How? Those squatting and hip-swiveling movements enlist all the muscles in the rear.  And here’s a bonus: Dancing shifts mental focus onto what your body can do rather than how it looks, which helps cultivate body confidence. Studies show that women who participated in a dance class once a week felt significantly happier with their bodies after 12 weeks. So, dance to lift the tush and improve body confidence.


09 15 2014

Advertising your property for rent? The first thing you need to do is to advertise it, but don’t just advertise it around the area where the property is located. It may help a lot to list them in a variety of locations as well since people look for rentals in all different places.


Once possible tenants start to contact you, take the time to do a background check for each and every one of them. Remember, you will be entrusting your property to a stranger and it’s highly important that you select the right tenant to protect you and your property. Doing a background check will help you know whom you can trust.

And when you have finally selected the person with whom to give the keys to your property to, do a tenant screening. There are websites that offer to do this one important step for you. One such site is Tenantify. They can do an employment and income verification for you. It’s simple and won’t incur any costs on your side. All you have to do is send a request to the tenant via the website. The tenant will be asked to provide his work information and Tenantify will verify everything for you. After they finish the screening, you will then receive a verified work record from them. The tenant shoulders the bill when verification is completed.

Protect yourself and your prized property from tenants who could cause you problems down the line. Do a tenant screening before entrusting your property to someone you don’t know.


09 09 2014

Are you planning a wedding? To save on flowers, why not try decorating with pressed flowers at your reception? I actually got the idea of a birthday party I attended last year. Small, fresh flowers were picked from the celebrant’s garden. These were then pressed and used to decorate the tables.

september reviews 041

september reviews 042

Tiny flowers and some greens were sprinkled on a plain glass dish and sandwiched with another clear glass plate. It’s so pretty, isn’t it? I’m sure your guests will be delighted to eat on a beautiful plate like this.

september reviews 044

Serve cocktails in beautiful drinks glasses and stylishly protect the tables from condensation rings with lovely coasters. To do: First, trace a 3″ photo frame onto paper. Cut out the shape, then arrange blossoms on top, attaching with glue. To finish, slip the floral-strewn square into the frame.

There’s also this website where you can find DIY floral arrangements. Bloominous offers fabulous wedding designs that are easy to do. In fact, most of their kits can be done in under 15 minutes. Their flowers come straight from their farm, so, you can be sure that your stems are fresh and cut-to-order.

bloominous 2

bloominous 11

bloominous eco 2

Make your wedding truly memorable with unique flower designs. Your guests would even think you’ve spent hours crafting your bouquet and centerpieces.

09 06 2014

yacon 4

The trick to taming that jiggly tummy is to swap the sweetener you add to your coffee, tea or oatmeal for Yacon syrup.  It’s a molasses-like syrup derived from the South American Yacon root. Apparently, the sweet syrup is not only great for those people suffering from diabetes. It improves digestion and regulates blood sugar to prevent belly fat-depositing insulin spikes. Studies show that women who use 3 tsp. of the syrup a day lose an average of 1.9 inches from their waist in just 1 month.

09 06 2014

My husband was surprised to see some catalogs when he opened his email last night. He asked me if I signed up for a subscription. He later on found out that it was our son who signed up his email for the Send for our free catalog. He says he’s too busy in school to check the new releases so he just signed up, but he didn’t know it was his dad’s email that was logged in when he did. His dad really doesn’t mind; he was just surprised to be receiving the catalogs.