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07 13 2016


I really got curious when I saw this drum online while searching for my son’s guitar strings. This drum looks very different from the drums I usually see and I just love the colorful design. Apparently, this is called a doumbek drum. It’s a very popular musical instrument in Africa and has many different names: goblet drum, chalice drum, tarabuka, darbuka, debuka, doumbek, dumbec, dumbeg, dumbelek, toumperleki, or tablah. I watched some videos just so I could listen to the sounds and sure enough, all the reviews I’ve read are true. The Doumbek has an enchanting musical appeal. Have you ever listened to this musical instrument? I suggest you try if you still haven’t, you’ll love it.

06 13 2016

For many people, going to work means a daily drudge of meaningless tasks and low pay. We work to pay the bills and if it were not for a paycheck at the end of the week, wild horses wouldn’t persuade us to go. Job satisfaction tends to come a poor second to a decent wage, but there are careers out there where you can enjoy a more meaningful existence, jobs where everything you do makes a difference to someone’s life. Everyone has a different idea of what is meaningful, but here are five jobs where you are guaranteed job satisfaction every single day:

Social Work

Social work is a tough career choice, but this is one job where you can make a huge difference to the lives of children and their families. Most social workers train on the job alongside studying for a degree or Masters in Social Work. If you already have a qualification or relevant experience in social work, why not study for an online Social Work Masters. An MSW online degree will help you advance your career to the next level.


If you want to get a warm glow from making a difference to other people’s lives, medicine is the right career for you. There are numerous branches of medicine, from nursing to brain surgery. Each one makes a difference to someone. You could opt to spend your days helping people in their final hours, or caring for mothers-to-be before their baby arrives. Whatever specialism you go into, medicine is a rewarding career.


They say teachers shape the next generation. A teacher’s job is to educate and inspire. Not all teachers are good at their job, but the best teachers are the ones we remember long into adulthood. They are the people who made learning fun and school a pleasure. If you think teaching is the right career pathway for you, look at teacher training courses in your area.

Fire Service

The fire service saves lives. Their job is dangerous, but if a fire breaks out in your home, these guys have your back. You have to be physically and mentally tough to become a serving firefighter. It is not an easy job and there will be times when your life is at risk. However, if you enjoy a challenge and you want to be a hero, the fire service could be an excellent career choice for you.


Counseling is not as glamorous as the fire service, but it is just as rewarding. Trained counselors help people navigate their way through challenging personal problems. They don’t offer advice. Instead, counselors help the patient find his or her own solutions to the problem. If you are a good listener and you have a strong empathetic streak, counseling is for you.

I hope that this list of rewarding career choices has given you something to think about, but if none of them appeal, there are plenty of other satisfying jobs out there, so start looking today.


06 03 2016

Pets add so much joy to a person’s life. When you get home from a long day’s work, there is no doubt that your cat, dog, or other pet is waiting right there for you, eager to see you. In addition to being loving members of the family, pets, particularly dogs, can serve other purposes, including watching your home and keeping your children safe.

There are many steps that you can take to make sure that your pet is healthy and happy. First of all, you want to make sure that you take your pet to a veterinarian from the time they are young. They should be fully up to date on all vaccinations and shots. They also need to receive anti-parasite tablets or medicine on a regular basis. Even if your pet is not sick, taking it to the veterinarian on a regular basis can help to detect health problems early, which will mean that they are most likely treatable.

Pets should be given high quality food. Some individuals choose to give their pets table scraps, while others do not. If you decide to do this, make sure that the scraps you are giving your pet are healthy for them. Pet should also have access to clean water at all times. There are different vitamins and supplements that your veterinarian may recommend, like cetyl m for example.

Pets also need to get plenty of exercise. Indoor cats can be provided with toys in order to run around and play. Dogs need to be taken on regular walks. Also, planning time to go to a park, go to the beach, or another place in order to allow them to run around will help them to get lots of exercise and enjoy their time with you. Other small animals need exercise as well, but this will depend on the type of animal it is and the type of housing it has.

In addition to making you feel happy, your pets can also help you to have better health. It is been proven time and again that when a person has a pet, they are less likely to be depressed. They may also get more exercise, which is beneficial for their health. Individuals who had pets usually have fewer allergies. When parents raise their children with pets in the home, the children are likely to have fewer allergies and not have asthma.

05 03 2016

Summer is right around the corner, which means that you’ll see dozens of outdoor concerts happening in your area. Some of these shows might feature the bands you loved as a child, major rock and pop bands on worldwide tours or fun local bands you love. These shows can range in size from just a few hundred people to shows that have more than 50,000 guests come out. While many venues will limit what you can bring with you, there are a few things you’ll want to toss in your bag.

Extra Cash

Most concert venues prohibit ticket holders from bring in outside food or drinks, which means that you’ll need to leave your water bottle in the car. While you should bring at least one debit or credit card, make sure that you have more than enough cash. You never know when the computer system might go down and keep vendors from taking payments via card. That cash will help you buy bottled water, snacks and even souvenirs. If you plan on drinking, make sure you bring a valid form of identification too.


Outdoor venues will not necessarily have a lot of shaded places, and some may not have any type of shade at all. Guests who do not bring sunscreen and stay hydrated are more likely to suffer from sunstroke or heatstroke. Tucking a bottle of sunscreen in your bag is a great way to protect yourself from the sun during the show. Make sure you check with the venue ahead of time regarding size limitations. Some require that you bring in bottles of three to eight ounces or less. Bringing a bottle or tube of the best sunscreen without oxybenzone ensures that you stay safe without that harmful chemical touching your skin.

Rain Poncho

When most people think of outdoor concerts, they picture themselves seeing their favorite bands as the temperature rises and the sun climbs high in the sky. Even if you keep an eye on the weather, you never know when a storm might pop up. Bringing along a rain poncho helps keep the rain off you and helps you stay warmer too. While many venues won’t let you bring in umbrellas, most will let you bring in a small poncho. Have fun at outdoor concerts this summer with a rain poncho, sunscreen and money tucked in your bag.

04 21 2016

Xiao Yao is a boy who loves to dance. Since he hasn’t be trained before, he doesn’t have the chance to dance. Accidently, he joins in hip-hop dancing club and feels that he can dance according to his own willing. However, he feels that the president doesn’t like the free dance.

There is a chance for them to perform, all the people in the club are very happy, and they try their best to perform according to president’s guidance. Nevertheless, XiaoYao can’t dance well in the guidance of president, for which he is blamed by the president. Finally, he said that I won’t dance anymore. The words irritate president and they have a fierce quarrel. So he leaves the club. After the performance without XiaoYao, the club is praised by the headmaster. Xiao Yao is a little regret, a bad idea occurs to his mind. He pretends to apologize and put some laxative in it. Then he can replace the president. He achieved his goal. When dancing on the stage he gained much applause. 1000w Led Flood Light Illuminate on him, making him distinguished from others. His dance is better than anyone else. Under the illumination of 1000 Led Flood Light, his advantages of dancing more outstanding. Everyone knows that he is a “black horse”. Thank the 1000 Led Flood Light which makes him famous.

After the performance, he heard a secret. The president knows that there is laxative on the bottle, but he still drank it. He feels shamed and he doesn’t know why the president did like that. The president tells him that it’s because I saw the light of dancing dream twinkling in your eyes. At this time, he realized that instead of being grateful to the 1000 Led Flood Light, what he should really thank for is the person who like 1000w Led Flood Light who always make others shine.