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04 24 2015

Nothing is more frustrating than exercising and dieting and you’re still not losing weight. I’ve been doing it for years and I blame my genes and perimenopause. I was actually resigned to the fact that I will never lose weight anymore. My only consolation is I feel great and healthy. Then, I was given the opportunity to try the Super 3-in-1 Garcinia Cambogia and Forskolin with Green Tea Weight Loss Formula.

garcinia 1

garcinia 3

Product Description

* 3-IN-1 WEIGHT LOSS FORMULA – We’ve formulated this garcinia combination supplement using the best ingredients. In addition to pure garcinia cambogia, the supplement contains forskolin, green tea, to maximize its weight loss benefits.
* SUPER NATURAL FAT BURNER? Our Customers tell us Forskolin & Green Tea helps them to burn fat faster, naturally curb appetite, increase energy levels and also reduce tummy bloat. Not only does our super-strength formulation help you lose weight and feel great, people report that the easy-to-swallow capsules have no nasty aftertaste and are gentle on the stomach.
* PURE & POTENT Premium Potency made with the highest quality HCA. Super Charge fat lost and promotes lean body mass.
* HIGHEST QUALITY USA MADE We guarantee this is the highest quality and purest grade Garcinia & Forskolin complex made in the USA.
* PURE, NATURAL FORMULA – Salveopure products are 100 percent natural and free of artificial colorants, flavorings, additives and preservatives. Our garcinia cambogia caps are completely free of animal based ingredients too plus includes our Salveopure Better Than Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

garcinia 2

My Thoughts

The pills are not too big and they are easy to swallow. I take two pills before lunch and another two before dinner. I wait for at least thirty minutes before I eat. It’s been more than two weeks, and so far, I haven’t experienced any side effects such as headache, dizziness or other nausea symptoms. What surprised me is I don’t feel hungry often and I get full faster. I was able to ditch the midday and midnight snacking. I’m a rice eater and lately, I have not been eating rice too. I lost four pounds in two weeks and to me that is a big WOW! I will definitely continue taking this until I consume the whole bottle.

This one works for me and I am really glad with the results. Of course, losing weight is not instant and you have to help it with proper diet and exercise. If you are looking for a supplement to help curb cravings, I would recommend this.

Where to buy?

You can purchase the Super 3-in-1 Garcinia Cambogia and Forskolin with Green Tea Weight Loss Formula through Amazon.

Disclosure: Product/s mentioned above was sent to me complimentary for testing purposes. All opinions are 100% my own and was in no way influenced by the brand or anyone. However, I only recommend products I believe will be good for my readers.
04 16 2015

Now that most gadgets run with a USB charger, it helps to bring along a charger everywhere you go. Yes, even inside the car. Today, my review is about the Dual USB Car Charger with Led by DFLifestyle.

car charger 1

car charger 2

Product Description

The DFLifestyle dual usb car charger is a new, elegant, compact and slim device which can be easily mounted even in narrow places. The pleasant blue light shows you the connection status. It is a very convenient USB charging solution in your car while using driving apps. It features two USB ports of 5V/1A and respectively 5V/2.1A for a quick and easy simultaneously phone and tablet charging. It is designed to prevent damage over short-circuit. The light weight and comfortable hand grip of the charger are additional features making the product one of the preferred ones. It has a broad compatibility providing fast charging for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 PLUS, iPod, Android phones, iPad and other tablets. The built-in charging circuitry protects your device against back-flow current.

My Thoughts

First off, I like that this car charger is very small, light and easy to carry. It has two USB ports, so you can charge two devices at the same time. Another good thing about this one is it works both for iPhone and Android devices.

car charger 3

car charger 4

It is very easy to use. You simply need to plug it into your car, attach your USB cable and voila! Charging a device is fast, too, and I’m impressed that it didn’t even got hot. I tried charging two iPhones; they both charged quickly.

Overall, this is a nice gadget to have inside the car. Sometimes, I have to do some errands and realize later that, I didn’t charge my phone while in the house. That is not a problem anymore with my new car charger. This is a must-have for people who are always on the go.

Where to buy?

You can purchase the Dual USB Car Charger with Led through the Dreamfactory International LLC website and on Amazon. It is fairly priced at $12.99.

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own and was in no way influenced by anyone or the brand.

04 14 2015

If you are like me who suffers from Plantar Fasciitis, a sharp pain in the arch and heels of feet after lying or sitting down for a long time, you know that a pair of good insoles will help relieve the pain. It’s hard to find a good pair that gives full support and helps alleviate the pain, that is why I got excited when I found out that I am going to review the Orthotics Gel Insoles by Syono.

insoles 2

insoles 3

Product Description

The Syono Orthotic Shoe Inserts and Gel Insoles are a set of orthotics insoles and inserts that provide cushioning and support to alleviate pain throughout your body. They absorb the shock your feet receive from everyday motion.

Walking, running, and standing become easier and less painful. Syono Orthotic Shoe Inserts and Gel Insoles are highly recommended for those who stand or walk on hard surfaces all day, those who have constant or recurring foot and heel pain such as plantar fasciitis, and those who would like to get the most out of their day without accumulating the damage done to our feet by daily activities.

Every insole comes over-sized so you can cut them to whatever size you desire.

My Thoughts

The insoles are very soft and the jelly like bottoms look durable enough to last a long time. They easily fit into any shoes and if they are too big for your size, you simply need to follow the lines to cut. I feel very comfortable in them and I feel like I can stand up or walk all day. The surface is firm, but the cushions are soft. Unlike my other insoles with gels only on the heels and balls of feet, the Syono insoles have full gel support. No wonder my feet feel very comfortable.

Overall, I like these insoles and they offer great support for my feet. If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, tired feet or other feet issues, these shoe inserts are worth giving a try.

The top fabric of the insoles is very absorbent and extends all the way up the back of the heel cup. I put these insoles in the shoes I wear daily to the gym and so far they’ve been very comfortable. The only downfall I can see is that they do not have a very large arch support, which I really need to have to help my plantar fasciitis. Other than that, I think for $16.95 on these are a good buy and will keep most feet comfortable throughout a long day of standing, walking or running. I’ve checked out prices on some of the popular brands of insoles of this type available at my local retailer, and they are about $5-10 higher, depending on brand.

Where to buy?

The Syono Orthotics Gel Insoles can be purchased on Amazon for only $16.95.

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own and was in no way influenced by anyone or the brand.

04 09 2015

If you missed Mads Mikkelsen in The Call, a worldwide short film hit by Bo Concept, this is your chance to catch him in The Guest. It’s another short film that features the romantic streets of Valencia, Spain and of course, the unique and beautiful designs of Morten Georgsen, Bo Concept’s famous designer.

the guest

The two gentlemen play old friends who met again in Spain. Mads surprises him with state of the art furniture and beautiful babes in bikinis.

the guest 2

Once again, Georgsen shows you how you can make the best out of your space using modern furniture pieces that are beautiful and functional.

the guest 3

I love how Bo Concept made the film funny and inspiring and I had to laugh at how Cukic can’t seem to focus while Mikkelsen shows him his home. See for yourself.

By the way, in celebration of the film, which debuts March 18,2015, BoConcept will give one lucky fan a chance to win an interior makeover worth $5,000. For more info and how to join, make a click stop to



04 04 2015

Slim thick arms with bicep curls. That’s the fastest way to sculpt arms, according to most trainers. Pulling against the resistance of the bands elongates the biceps to create definition without adding bulk.


To do: Hold one end of the band in each hand and stand in the band’s center with both feet to secure. Bend your elbows to curl your hands up to your shoulders, then lower your hands on your thighs. Do 3 sets of 15.