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06 27 2014

Be in this summer with Swarovski crystals. Yup, this summer, the elegant crystals are paying homage to art, but these aren’t just the usual colorful crystals that you will see around. The hot months of 2014 will feature the precious crystals in earthy tones and brilliant primary colors cast in tribal craftsmanship. You read it right. Ethnic culture meets modern artistic movements. The theme is ethnic, but the look is contemporary. The result? Stunning pieces of accessories to complete your summer look. But wait, before I proceed, some of you might be worried that because we are talking about Swarovski here, we’re talking about expensive pieces of accessories. Yes and No my dear readers. YES, these crystals sound very expensive and elegant, but NO, they are not expensive. Swarovski Coupons are available so we can afford to look fab this summer.

swarovski 1
image source:

These beautiful crystals are called Light Silk. The color looks very delicate and sophisticated. These can be used as main colors for the ethnic theme or mixed either with vivid-toned crystals or soft hued ones.

Before you proceed shopping using your newly discovered Rio Coupon, here are a few beautiful pieces to give you an idea how the ethnic style was incorporated in contemporary jewelry designs.

swarovski 3
image source:

This pretty necklace features blue crystal cuts embellished with electric blue crystal rock. Inspired by jewelries of ancient Thailand, this piece will definitely make a statement.

swarovski 2
image source:

This Ethnic Bib Necklace is made from brass, Swarovski crystals, resin and paua. The brass wire was woven meticulously to form a round disc. The other embellishments were woven after forming the disc.

The next pieces are African inspired. Among all the ethnic designs that I’ve seen, these are my favorites. They are very elegant and all are a definite head turner.

swarovski 6

swarovski 9

swarovski 8

04 16 2014


For sure, mom will love the gold cross pendant my husband bought for her birthday. She’ll be 64 next week. I can’t think of a perfect gift because she already has everything. I wanted to give her something religious that she can use. Then last night, hubs came home with the gold cross. He thinks mom would love it, too. Mom’s eyes would well up again once she sees her gift, especially when she finds out that it was hubs who bought it.

04 12 2014

A lot of women love jewelry. No, let me rephrase that, many women (like me) are addicted to jewelry. So addicted that we can’t actually go without them. Well, who can blame us? Those glittery pieces complete us in more ways than one. But, your jewelries don’t have to be expensive to look fabulous. Here, check the Pandora jewelry at this website and you’ll be amazed at their prices.

Jewelries go way beyond fashion. They can make you look slim and even enhance your greatest features by wearing the right shapes. Like big triangles, for example.


Wearing a necklace with oversized triangles can slim your face. The triangles form a V that directs the eye up and down for a face-slimming effect.

12 03 2013

I’m not much of a jewelry person. A simple pair of earrings are my only jewelries whenever I leave the house. I do wear jewelries on special occasions but not the lavish glittery stuff. I don’t know but, they’re just not my thing. I do, however, like the twin link leather sterling silver jewelry bracelet that I found online. It’s very simple and it’s so me. It’s something that I can wear everyday. I’m putting it in my wish list and make sure hubs sees it. 😉

sterling silver

10 15 2013

Birthstones rings aren’t just pieces of jewelries. People love to wear them because they are thought to bring good luck and good health. Don’t know what your birthstone is? Find out here and the meanings of birthstone rings.