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11 22 2013

I got mom a couch cushion for her achy back. Ever since she gained more weight her back has become a problem. She’s trying to lose weight through walking but because of her age, she’s not losing them fast. She says she feels more comfortable now when she sits with the cushion. She can sit longer to watch her favorite show. She looks so comfortable in the couch that I had to get one for myself. I don’t have back problems but I’d also like to sit comfortably while reading a book.

05 25 2013

There are more ways than ever before to cover up tobacco smoke. In the past, it was almost impossible to disguise the smell of smoke. Almost no air freshener invented could completely mask it, and people who are non-smokers are extremely good at picking out a smoke smell. Luckily nowadays you can use things like Tasty Puff air freshener at Nirvana420.com to easily disguise the tell-tale smell if you are a smoker. These new air fresheners that have been invented to cover up tobacco smoke work a little differently.

tasty puff

Instead of simply spraying the freshener into the air around you as you smoke, you put a few drops of it directly onto your tobacco. This will ensure that the smoke that comes out will not smell exactly like tobacco. Another advantage of drop air fresheners is that they will make your tobacco taste better, too. Air freshener drops for tobacco additionally come in lots of different flavors and scents. You can choose between apple, strawberry, melon, or even a fresh lemon scent. Your non-smoking friends and family won’t have nearly as much to complain about if you begin using drops on your tobacco if you choose to smoke around them.

01 23 2013

That beautiful, unique baby bedding you received at your shower is in place, but the only thing missing is your baby on it. Sound familiar? Even the most prepared parents might find that their new addition to the family is stubbornly resisting all overtures to initiate them into slumber. Thankfully, it’s not an uncommon issue with newborns, and – even better! – there are plenty of ways to create an environment that promotes sleep.

Set a Nighttime Schedule

Understand first of all that babies aren’t born with a sense of day or night, let alone the concept that nighttime is most definitely for sleeping. So it is up to you, the parent, to give your baby cues that will inform them that the time for ZZZs is nigh. It can be as simple as a bath, followed by a mini-massage with lotion, a feeding and then quiet time in the crib with a musical mobile and a snuggle with a teddy bear. Whatever works for your family, stay as consistent as possible to give your baby the opportunity to recognize and anticipate these nightly cues.

Keep It Cool

Many adults enjoy a slightly cooler room for sleeping at night – it just makes those warm blankets that much cozier. Babies are the same way. The optimal temperature range is between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can emphasize the temperature difference by keeping the nursery slightly warmer during the day. Just be sure to monitor for too-hot or too-cold extremes.

Frequently Feed in the Evening

Beginning in the early evening – say, 5 p.m. or so – if you normally feed your baby during the day at three-hour stretches, then start feeding every two. This will load baby up and keep her stomach feeling fuller when she goes down to sleep at night, and that will hopefully mean she stays asleep for longer stretches of time.

Put Baby to Bed Awake

One of the greatest victories of parenting an infant is when he wakes up at night and is able to put himself back to sleep. You can promote this triumph of later infancy by putting your newborn to sleep drowsy but still awake, so that he has time to wakefully associate the crib location with sleep before actually succumbing to slumber (and perhaps appreciate the great room ideas you’ve used to decorate the crib?). It’s also a good way for baby to get practice fussing to himself a little bit before falling asleep on his own.

01 10 2013

Good plumbers are hard to find. There seems to be a scarcity of them these days. If you are in Newnan, GA, you are in luck. At Newnan, you will find a team of the best plumbers in Georgia. Plumbers from A Better Plumbing Service are a family of plumbers who has been serving this community for over 40 years. This fourth generation of plumbers is dedicated to providing the best quality plumbing service at the most reasonable of prices, just as the generations before them have sought to achieve. This is the one factor that has kept their business going for several decades. Customers are pleased with their service and keep coming back to them.

The team of plumbers from A Better Plumbing Service can address the plumbing needs of both residential and commercial customers. They have the best equipment to assist them in taking care of your plumbing problems. Their assurance is that they will get the job done right the first time. Water leaks, toilet trouble, water heater repairs, repair of main service lines – these are just some of the problems you may have that they can help you with. They also provide installation services of new fixtures and appliances, sinks and faucets, and even water distribution systems. No job is too big or too small for A Better Plumbing Service in Newnan.

***The article above is a sponsored post.

11 30 2012

Buying a light bulb used to be as simple as 1-2-3, since you only needed to worry about the bulbs wattage and life span. However, with a bigger population and a greater number of electronic devices pulling at our energy sources, we now have to think about purchasing the most energy efficient light bulbs.

Energy efficient light bulbs from Light Bulb Planet are eco-friendly lighting sources with remarkably long life spans. Though initially more expensive, the bulbs will greatly reduce your energy bill.

But the question remains, does energy efficiency result in duller lighting?

There are three main light bulbs on the market: incandescent, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED). Incandescent light bulbs brought humanity out of darkness and have been illuminating our world for more than a century. They are offered in a range of wattages from dull to the brightest of whites. But, incandescent light bulbs have become outdated due to their high energy usage (3,285 kilowatts per year), 1,200-hour life spans and high mercury content. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for,” so the cheaper price of incandescent light bulbs will end up putting a dent in your budget in the long-run.

CFL bulbs are instantly recognizable due to their spiral shape. The bulbs hit the market roughly half a decade ago and are lauded for their 10,000-hour life spans and efficient energy usage at an average of 767 kilowatts per year. CFL bulbs have a low mercury content, which makes them safer to handle and more eco-friendly. The bulbs give off a dull, paler white color, and unlike incandescent lights, CFLs do not light up instantly when turned on. So, despite their energy efficiency, CFL lights do not shine as brightly as incandescent lights.

LED bulbs are the latest and greatest entry on the market. They have an average life span of 25,000 to 50,000 hours and only use an average of 329 kilowatts each year. In other words, under normal usage, an LED bulb can last 20 to 40 years. LED bulbs are also the most expensive, costing nearly triple the price of CFL lamps. However, their remarkable efficiency more than makes up for their steep initial cost.

LED bulbs turn on immediately and burn as brightly as incandescent lights. In fact, the light from a LED bulb is so similar to an incandescent light that it is hard to distinguish between the two. In addition to their remarkable energy efficiency and being the brightest bulbs on the market, LED bulbs are mercury-free. Therefore, they will not contaminate the environment when they are disposed of. LED bulbs are extremely durable, which means they can handle jarring without breaking. The bulbs also do not heat up, so, they do not increase room temperature when in use. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why LED bulbs from Light Bulb Plant are the best choice on the market.

Light Bulb Planet offers an extensive selection of LED light bulbs.  Click here to visit Light Bulb Planet’s energy efficient light bulbs or visit our showroom to find an eco-friendly light that will shine brightly in your home or office.