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04 21 2016

Xiao Yao is a boy who loves to dance. Since he hasn’t be trained before, he doesn’t have the chance to dance. Accidently, he joins in hip-hop dancing club and feels that he can dance according to his own willing. However, he feels that the president doesn’t like the free dance.

There is a chance for them to perform, all the people in the club are very happy, and they try their best to perform according to president’s guidance. Nevertheless, XiaoYao can’t dance well in the guidance of president, for which he is blamed by the president. Finally, he said that I won’t dance anymore. The words irritate president and they have a fierce quarrel. So he leaves the club. After the performance without XiaoYao, the club is praised by the headmaster. Xiao Yao is a little regret, a bad idea occurs to his mind. He pretends to apologize and put some laxative in it. Then he can replace the president. He achieved his goal. When dancing on the stage he gained much applause. 1000w Led Flood Light Illuminate on him, making him distinguished from others. His dance is better than anyone else. Under the illumination of 1000 Led Flood Light, his advantages of dancing more outstanding. Everyone knows that he is a “black horse”. Thank the 1000 Led Flood Light which makes him famous.

After the performance, he heard a secret. The president knows that there is laxative on the bottle, but he still drank it. He feels shamed and he doesn’t know why the president did like that. The president tells him that it’s because I saw the light of dancing dream twinkling in your eyes. At this time, he realized that instead of being grateful to the 1000 Led Flood Light, what he should really thank for is the person who like 1000w Led Flood Light who always make others shine.

04 09 2015

If you missed Mads Mikkelsen in The Call, a worldwide short film hit by Bo Concept, this is your chance to catch him in The Guest. It’s another short film that features the romantic streets of Valencia, Spain and of course, the unique and beautiful designs of Morten Georgsen, Bo Concept’s famous designer.

the guest

The two gentlemen play old friends who met again in Spain. Mads surprises him with state of the art furniture and beautiful babes in bikinis.

the guest 2

Once again, Georgsen shows you how you can make the best out of your space using modern furniture pieces that are beautiful and functional.

the guest 3

I love how Bo Concept made the film funny and inspiring and I had to laugh at how Cukic can’t seem to focus while Mikkelsen shows him his home. See for yourself.

By the way, in celebration of the film, which debuts March 18,2015, BoConcept will give one lucky fan a chance to win an interior makeover worth $5,000. For more info and how to join, make a click stop to



02 20 2015

It’s all about lifestyle, space, and entertaining when it comes to home trends in 2015, with the spotlight firmly on making the home a haven from the busy world. If you’re looking to renovate, purchase or simply revamp, here is a breakdown of the home trends to expect in 2015.

home trends 1
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home trends 2
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home trends 3
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Indoor/Outdoor Living

Lifestyle is a key factor in the home of 2015, with much emphasis being placed on seamless indoor/outdoor living where life spills over from inside the home into functional outdoor spaces. In real terms, this translates into living rooms and dining areas that flow out to entertaining patios and outdoor dining spaces.

If you’re looking to embrace the look of 2015 but have the house of 1945, then renovation experts such as Additions Building Company can help you incorporate some modern style into your classic home; they specialise in patio additions, so click here for some inspiration.

Kitchen as Focal Point

The kitchen is the mission control of the modern home, overseeing everything from dining to the living area. The kitchen of 2015 takes up a central position in the home. Essentially, this is in recognition of our busy lifestyles, where important conversations, dining and entertaining may now take place at the kitchen bench. No longer is the kitchen out of sight and out of mind; it is firmly entrenched as the hub of the home.

Open Plan Areas

In line with the kitchen being the heart of the home, a huge trend of 2015 is going to be the open-plan configuration. Again, this reflects our busy modern lifestyles, where household chefs, diners and even TV watchers are unlikely to be thrilled at the prospect of being relegated to a separate room on their own. Open plan living is about facilitating family life where people communicate and relax within the same large space.

Co-Generational Design

More than ever, multiple generations of one family are residing under one roof, with elderly parents, kids in their 20s, and conventional families all sharing the same home. Trend-wise, this is reflected in separate guest wings, teenage retreats, and multiple bathrooms to ensure that everyone is comfortable within their own space. The family then comes together in the large open-plan living zones.

Environmentally Sustainable Building

With electricity prices rising and more focus on the environment, environmental sustainability is a current trend that will likely stay for a while. That means solar panels are the norm, along with rainwater tanks and environmental building principals, including window orientation and use of natural light and breeze. It all helps to keep costs and our environmental footprint at a minimum.

While trends come and go, the positive thing about them is they allow us to learn from previous building mistakes and work our homes more effectively around our lifestyle. And, with a little work, even homes of previous eras can be transformed into functioning homes of 2015. What trends are you expecting to stay, emerge, or disappear as this year progresses? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

01 26 2015

Not sleeping better? It could be that your room is not dark enough. Sometimes, just the flicker of light that comes in from your window can disrupt sleep. Yup, even when your eyes are closed, they can detect that small amount of light and keep you tossing and turning the whole night. That’s because light, even the ones coming from your alarm clock, the red little light from your television that indicates power off and the lighted screen of your smartphone or tablet can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, a sleep inducing hormone that helps you fall asleep. When your room is pitch dark, you’ll fall asleep fast and you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed in the morning.

So, how do you achieve an inky-dark room? Make sure all the gadgets are totally turned off when you hit the sack. Try to cover your alarm clock with a piece of cloth or turn it away from you to prevent the light from disturbing you. Lastly, switch to black bedroom curtains.

black bedroom curtain 1

black bedroom curtain 3

black bedroom curtain 2

The black out shades like the ones from ogotobuy can block light from outside pretty well. That annoying street lamp, the light from your neighbor’s garage or even the headlights from passing cars won’t disturb your good night’s rest.

11 22 2013

I got mom a couch cushion for her achy back. Ever since she gained more weight her back has become a problem. She’s trying to lose weight through walking but because of her age, she’s not losing them fast. She says she feels more comfortable now when she sits with the cushion. She can sit longer to watch her favorite show. She looks so comfortable in the couch that I had to get one for myself. I don’t have back problems but I’d also like to sit comfortably while reading a book.