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10 24 2016

As technology advances you would think that work-related stress would be alleviated to some extent but many professionals are reporting that their levels of stress are actually increasing rather than abating as they should. After all, more operations are being automated and as a result, there are fewer tasks that need to be manually dealt with. Or are there?

Actually, all the automation in the world can’t deal with a million and one interruptions throughout the course of the day nor is it possible for an automated system to deal with an irate customer. So what can you do when the pressures mount and there doesn’t seem to be an easy fix? Here are just a few things you can do to let go of some of that stress.

Take a Deep Breath and Let Everything Go

When a person becomes inordinately stressed they will breathe more shallowly and sometimes at such a rapid pace that they begin hyperventilating. This makes it difficult to think about anything at all because you get so tense that everything becomes a jumbled mess of disjointed thoughts in your head. At this point, understand that you will get nothing done in this frame of mind so the very best thing you can do is step back and take a deep breath.

If someone is waiting for an answer to a problem they’ve presented to you, simply tell them that you’ll be back with them in a moment, remove yourself from the room and breathe. Try to let go of everything except relaxing every muscle in your body. Within a few moments you should be able to think more clearly so that you can step back in the room to deal with the issue at hand.

Plan Power Breaks throughout the Day

An increasing number of business executives say that stress is their number one health complaint. Occupational psychologists advise busy executives to plan at least two ‘power breaks’ within the course of a day. Put these on your calendar so that your secretary knows you are unavailable during these short 15 minute time periods. Some people choose to do yoga relaxation during this time, others go for a walk around the block and others still take a few moments in silent prayer or to read meditations such as those found on the Deily interfaith site.

Instead of waiting until pressure builds up so that you need to excuse yourself or have that dreaded nervous breakdown, plan quiet time to do nothing but get away from it all. And by all means, don’t take your cell phone with you! There will be that odd call that disrupts your quiet time, which just further adds to your stress.

Only you know when your levels of stress are getting out of control so it is up to you, and only you, to find ways to avoid that explosive buildup. By planning short, re-energizing power breaks and allowing yourself the freedom to step back for a few moments from an overly stressful situation you can begin bringing your day back to a regular, productive routine. Pay attention to what you are feeling and take action before your stress levels go through the roof. These are the simplest remedies for stress in the workplace but they are remedies that work. Try them and see.

10 12 2016

Creating a workspace that reflects who we are and allows us to be as productive as possible, is essential to the success of our work. With this central truth in mind, we should design our own workspace with thoughts of who we are, what we need, and how we’d like to approach creating this authentic space. An authentic workspace should both soothe and inspire productivity.

Who are you?
This is an essential question when it comes to creating a space that we are going to feel comfortable in. Are you someone that recites sanskrit mantras? Do you love an office filled with plants? Do you enjoy soft background music? These questions are all examples of the kind of things you should be asking yourself. Defining questions regarding who you are and what your interests and priorities are, will help to shape what the best workspace will look like for you?

What does your work require?
If you work from home as a customer service agent, you will need a workspace that is quiet. Minimal background noise will be a necessity. This will serve as a priority that you will not be able to ignore if you want to be successful in your work. You will need to locate the office to a place in your house or office that is remote enough to avoid excess noise and interruption. Weigh the demands of the job itself and act accordingly.

How do you want to go about creating your workspace?
If you are on a limited budget, or extremely earth oriented, these are all examples of preferences and circumstances that will determine what materials you use to furnish your office and how you build your personal workspace. For example, you might decide to use only fully recyclable products in your office, furniture made from sustainable resources, or second-hand furniture. The possibilities are endless and completely up to you.

Creating an authentic workspace is a fun and personal way of expressing who you are and building a space that is going to help maximize your productivity. Ask yourself the important essential questions and be honest with your answers. Be realistic about the demands of your work and what the job itself will require in order for you to be successful; Then, create a space using an approach and method that is respectful of your needs and wishes and the demands of the job. You can’t go wrong. It’s all about you.

08 07 2015

Even in the field of medicine, things are more complex today than they were years ago. Dealing with a myriad of illnesses, diseases and other health issues that many time mirror the same symptoms, many people are at a loss as to where to go for treatment or proper diagnosis.

The good news is that medicine, surgery, pain management and treating mental challenges are being integrated and combine by many physicians into more holistic healing methods to better serve their patients.

One Center: Many Healing Pathways

Health facilities, such as those under the professional supervision of Dr. Bryan, M.D. in Santa Monica, California, offer those in need of treatment several resources to better orient patients as to the best pathway for healing for physical, mental, weight loss, HIV conditions, musculoskeletal disorders, nutritional deficiencies and pain management needs–all in one health facility.

An Integrative Approach

All treatment protocols offered through these superior one-stop medical centers are combined with the latest integrative medical and holistic methods known to modern science.

Especially where manual medicine is concerned, in-house chiropractic specialists utilize techniques that adhere to traditional holistic methods to recover from musculoskeletal disorders. Some commonly treated musculoskeletal disorders are whip-lash, trauma, injuries, sprains and arthritis among other illnesses. That being said, the success rate is astounding in many cases.

Such protocols offered by our specialists give patients hope so that they can once again experience and enjoy renewed vitality and re-enter a more active lifestyle.

Just What Is Integrative And Holistic Medicine

It is the newest trend in medicine and health restorative services: combining several aspects of medical protocol to better address the many facet needs of patients.

A system of health care that combines a cooperative relationship among all parties involved, physician, patient and even the family at times, optimal levels of physical, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of health are regarded.

Consequently, the whole person comes into play with all stated modalities of diagnosis and treatment–including drugs and surgery if the need arises. Education forms a vital part of the protocol as does affirmative action on the part of the patient with an increased responsibility placed on the patient’s shoulders to cooperate with those attending to their well-being.

A quick visit to the website of said integrative and holistic medical centers is simply achieved with a click here or a phone call placed to the center’s main offices.

Learn more detailed information today on how to address the whole person and the many treatments available to them to speed them on their way to restored health.

07 07 2015

You might think that a drug test is only for those who are applying for a new job. While this is a common reason for drug testing kits to be used, there are other areas in life where it’s important to know if someone is using drugs.

Some companies will perform a random drug test on every employee. Names are drawn through the year, and when that name is pulled, the person has to submit to a test. If the person chooses not to be tested, then a valid reason needs to be given. Some who don’t take the test will likely be fired as this could be an indication that they are not being truthful in relation to drug use. If the company suspects someone has been using any kind of drug because of the actions at work or if someone has made statements about the person possibly using drugs, then a test will be given. When you apply for a job, you will likely be given a drug test. If you are under the influence or have drugs in your system, it’s important to be honest with the employer. Honesty often works better than trying to hide something before beginning a new job.

If you are on probation, then one of the requirements might be that you are drug tested on a regular basis. Failing a drug test doesn’t mean that you will go to jail or be violated, but it would not play in your favor if you were to go back to court or if you fail multiple tests in a row. Some states require those who receive government assistance to be tested before receiving benefits. If there is any suspected drug use while the person is receiving benefits, then the state could stop the benefits or make the person ineligible to receive them again.

07 07 2015

Drinking water should be a task that is easy to do. In fact, it should not seem like a task at all. However, adults and children still struggle to receive drinking water they need each day. There are ways that people can take in the water that their bodies require.

A Beneficial Water Unit
When people are thirsty, they usually get a glass of water at a water cooler. Homeowners may get water from a kitchen sink. Children can get water at a drinking fountain. While all of these means of getting water can be helpful, the truth of the matter is that these devices can contain or even harbor dangerous germs. After all, some people are not very cleanly when they use a drinking fountain. When getting water from a water cooler, a dirty cup may touch certain parts of the cooler that in turn can make other people sick. Tap water can be fine to drink, but people have run water for a while in order to prevent large amounts of lead from being in it. Fortunately, there are beneficial water units that filter water safely. Furthermore, these units, such as a bottleless water cooler, are designed to prevent germs from passing from individual to another.

Bottled Water
Bottled water, or water in a bottle, can be another great way for people to receive safe water whenever they want it. Discount stores and other retailers sell millions of bottles of water each day. When people are out on the road, they can purchase bottled water at a gas station. While bottled water can be fine, some prefer to have water in a bottle. That means that individuals use a plastic bottle that they can safely reuse a number of times. The water can come from a beneficial water unit that stores water safely.

Drinking water can help a body stay healthy and strong. Water units and bottles of water are great ways that people can keep their thirst quenched. The result is that people can receive delicious water that is cool, safe and wonderful to drink.