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12 10 2012

When I was still very young, I once asked my mom why my lolo had different birthdays every year. There was a year we celebrated his birthday in February, then there was a time it was in March and in April. As a child with a very young mind, that was confusing especially that I know we celebrated my birthdays the same day every year.

Mom explained that my grandfather uses the lunar calendar to count his age. Sometimes his birthday falls on the second week of February and sometimes it could fall in the middle of March or even as late as the last week of April. If I remember it right, there was a time he had his birthday on the first week of May. She added that the Chinese use the moon as their calendar because it is believed that their ancestors go to the moon after they passed away. They also believe that their ancestors living in the moon would protect the people who followed the laws.

Mom does not understand how it works but she believes in the Chinese Years. She checks before a new Chinese year begins to know what the new year would bring her. She was born in the year of the tiger and she always checks if the animal for that year would go well with the tiger. Seeing her do that, I got very curious on what’s in store for me so I’ve been checking mine too.

How about you? Do you know what animal represents the year you were born? Click the link to know more about the Chinese years.

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02 08 2011

Did you know that citrus fruits are feng shui symbols of success?  Putting out a bowl of oranges or lemons in your kitchen can attract a brighter future,

The tangy scent and the cheerful colors of citrus keep you focused by engaging your senses.

01 22 2011

Do you know what a simple houseplant can do to you?  It’ll help you feel more balanced.  feng shui teaches that nature is calming and creates a tranquil environment… and new research is proving this right.  Apart from bringing the outdoors inside, plants add living energy and oxygen to a room and help remove toxins from the air.

Choosing a species with rounded leaves like a philodendron or photos generates harmony and ensure smooth family interactions.

10 21 2009

potted palm

Houseplants are great natural air purifiers, I’m sure you already know that.  But choosing plants with upward-pointing leaves, like a potted palm, can fill a room with uplifting energy.  According to feng shui experts, plants like these keep the flow of chi, or energy, moving.  This sparks conversations and sends spirits soaring.