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01 07 2016

Punk is a subculture that’s hard to describe. Thankfully, describing punk fashion is a little easier. Here are just six pieces of clothing, jewelry and accessories that will help you brand yourself as ready to rock and roll.

1. Bondage Straps

Bondage straps most commonly attach to your  belt loops and crisscrossed behind your pants, but they can also be worn around the chest, arms and waist. The great thing about punk fashion is that there are no rules. If you can dream it, you can wear it.

2. Boots

Steel-toed combat boots are an essential accessory in a punk rock wardrobe. That said, if you can’t get your hands on something military-grade, any pair of boots will do. Just make sure they’re sturdy and ready for anything.

3. Plaid

Plaid is closely associated with punk culture. In fact, punks have been wearing red plaid for decades! The color wheel has recently expanded, however, and punks now wear plaid in red, black, green, pink and even rainbow. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues and find the one that speaks to the punk within.

4. Rings

Anyone can wear a single ring. Punks, however, have taken ring-wearing and elevated it to an art form, decorating their fingers with multiple sets, bands and stones of varying types, colors and sizes. You aren’t a punk unless you can handle 10+ rings at once, and this applies to women and men.

5. Music Merchandise

While some subsets of punk culture reject music and song, others embrace it wholeheartedly, especially if it’s vintage rock. If you’re hoping to find the perfect gift for the punk in your family, a t-shirt emblazoned with a classic rock singer is a sure bet.

6. Hair Dye

It’s quite common to see punks with hair dyed every color of the rainbow. This is an expression of defiance to conformity and authority; while everyone else in the world has hair in varying shades of brown, blonde and red, punks explode on the scene with hair in electric blue and dazzling purple. Try some dye for yourself and feel how liberating it is to step outside the box!

These are just a few must-have punk rock accessories. Whether you’re new to the lifestyle or an old hand at anarchy, these tips should help you both dress yourself like a punk and recognize others who are doing the same.

05 31 2015

Your little girl is turning sweet sixteen? I am sure you are more excited than her to find the perfect dress to wear on her special day. But this is all about her; her entrance into womanhood. And just like anybody else’s sweet sixteen party, you and your daughter are spending many hours planning and preparing the party.

If you already have a theme selected for the party, then your decorations, music, party favors, and the Sweet 16 dress should go with the theme. But before you jump right into shopping for decorations and party favors, consider finding a dress first. With so many cheap sweet 16 dresses that you can find online, getting the perfect dress for your girl could be a little tough.

sweet 16 1

sweet 16 2

sweet 16 3

First of all, the dress should go with the theme, as well as your daughter’s personal style and body type. Again, I will repeat that there are tons of styles and designs out there and it will help you a lot if you and your daughter have already an idea of what you are looking for. Shopping for a Sweet Sixteen dress should be an exciting and fun experience for the both of you and surely, you don’t want to get overwhelmed with the thousands of styles and designs you will see in online stores. With the budget in mind and having an idea of what you are looking for will also help you narrow down your search.

Second, look for a dress that will highlight your daughter’s best assets. Choose a color that best suits her and a silhouette that will flatter her body shape. Remember, she will be the center of attention in the party, so find her a dress that will impress all her guests.

Don’t know where to start? Visit They’ve got tons of dresses for every occasion. Whatever budget you have, you can find the perfect dress for your Sweet Sixteen.

02 19 2015

Sweating it out doesn’t mean you can’t look gorgeous. Check out┬áthe sexy outfits below!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.

05 25 2013

The warm weather brings with it the perfect opportunity to don that beautiful sundress. Sundresses are a great fashion statement in the warm weather months since they are both comfortable and versatile. You can find a variety of sundresses for women at has a great selection of sundresses to suit any personality or style.

When you first log on to the website and browse the dresses you will notice that sundresses come in a lot of different styles. A sundress can be short and worn with a pair of heels, or a little longer and worn with a pair of beach sandals. Or you can try both looks with the same dress! A sundress is truly versatile when it comes to making a fashion statement. Just change your shoes and accessories and you can have a completely different look. The website has a variety of sundresses including fun halter dresses, flirty mini dresses, and cute tube dresses.

sundress 1

sundress 2

sundress 3

They carry sizes from small (S) to extra large (XL). You can check what size you are with their handy size chart. If you want to accessorize your sundress, has a great selection accessories. Choose from beach hats, beach bags, and jewelry that will compliment your look. Of course, you can choose from the number of beautiful sarongs available for your beach days. This website is a great source for sundresses, and they also make online purchasing easy with their size chart. If you’re looking to look great this summer, is a great place to start.

05 03 2013


For those of you who love the rock genre, you’ll love this all time low band shirt. Found it while browsing for cool shirts online for my son. A band shirt is not just cool; it’s so soft and comfortable you would want to wear it all the time. If you’re looking for shirts of highest quality fabric, I would suggest you visit the website. And while you’re there, take time to visit the shirts on sale this month. The designs are just fab!