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02 19 2015

Sweating it out doesn’t mean you can’t look gorgeous. Check out the sexy outfits below!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.

05 25 2013

The warm weather brings with it the perfect opportunity to don that beautiful sundress. Sundresses are a great fashion statement in the warm weather months since they are both comfortable and versatile. You can find a variety of sundresses for women at has a great selection of sundresses to suit any personality or style.

When you first log on to the website and browse the dresses you will notice that sundresses come in a lot of different styles. A sundress can be short and worn with a pair of heels, or a little longer and worn with a pair of beach sandals. Or you can try both looks with the same dress! A sundress is truly versatile when it comes to making a fashion statement. Just change your shoes and accessories and you can have a completely different look. The website has a variety of sundresses including fun halter dresses, flirty mini dresses, and cute tube dresses.

sundress 1

sundress 2

sundress 3

They carry sizes from small (S) to extra large (XL). You can check what size you are with their handy size chart. If you want to accessorize your sundress, has a great selection accessories. Choose from beach hats, beach bags, and jewelry that will compliment your look. Of course, you can choose from the number of beautiful sarongs available for your beach days. This website is a great source for sundresses, and they also make online purchasing easy with their size chart. If you’re looking to look great this summer, is a great place to start.

05 03 2013


For those of you who love the rock genre, you’ll love this all time low band shirt. Found it while browsing for cool shirts online for my son. A band shirt is not just cool; it’s so soft and comfortable you would want to wear it all the time. If you’re looking for shirts of highest quality fabric, I would suggest you visit the website. And while you’re there, take time to visit the shirts on sale this month. The designs are just fab!

04 29 2013

Safety Gear Online has been in the business of selling safety-related supplies including safety vests that our public safety officials and event marshals need to ensure that everything is properly coordinated during an event or an incident. Their line of safety vests is not only for the use of our public safety personnel; they also offer a complete line of safety vests for surveyors, construction crew members, traffic safety personnel, guards, truck drivers, and first responders.

Their ultimate mesh safety vest for our firemen, policemen and emergency services personnel allow for immediate identification using only the internationally recognized high intensity material called Reflexite® Checker that makes these personnel highly visible even during the worst conditions. They also come with various features such as tab holders for microphones, Velcro front closures, pen pockets and reflective tapes that exceed safety requirements.

Their surveyor’s safety vest come with many pockets which can hold the many tools that they need to perform their daily duties. The high visibility they afford our roadside construction crew ensures that they remain safe during the worst conditions. In particular, the heavy duty surveyors vest has large back pockets that can hold construction plans, making it ideal for foremen and contractors who need to have a great number of tools at hand while on the job.

They also offer a wide selection of incident command vests at a variety of colors and styles that help maintain coordination between key personnel during an event. They help to make any emergency response team easily identifiable during any type of situation. The vests can even be personalized to help make your team stand out. These make the vests ideal for any public event that needs careful logistical planning and coordination. Safety Gear is so committed to providing only the best prices available to their customers that they offer a 100% price match guarantee, if you find any other website that offers the same products at prices that are lower than theirs. Make Safety Gear your store of choice for your safety vest needs every time.

04 29 2013

It takes a special type of person to wear a military style jacket well. These are high-quality jackets that are meant to last yet are ruggedly stylish. These navy flight jackets, as the name suggests, were originally meant to be worn by military personnel, in particular, by those who fly our nation’s fighter planes. Nowadays, they have become a fashionable item used by a cross-section of individuals who have the flair to carry it in style. We see personalities sporting these jackets everyday such that it has become a jacket of choice by a large number of men and women in society.

Landing Zone offers a wide selection of these military style jackets at truly affordable prices from the best brands and manufacturers. A division of Luxury Lane, a company widely known for their coats, jackets and sweaters, Landing Zone is committed to offering their special set of clientele a wide selection of flight jackets that are stylish, highly attractive yet truly affordable. Their selection includes A-2 flight jackets associated with World War II US Army and Air Force pilots and bombardiers, the fur-lined G-1 flight jackets of the same era, the A-1 type jackets issued by the Navy in the 1920s, the CWU 45p flight jackets that are currently in use by our military personnel, the N-3B jackets used by flight crews who are stationed in extremely cold areas, and other jacket types worn by our military personnel. And because they offer only the best quality navy flight jackets in the world, they guarantee all their products against defective materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the item. Visit their webstore now to view their wide selection of jackets at the best prices you can find.